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Domain Registration

My brand is trade marked. Why should i buy a domain?

Get a domain name which best suites your business. It should have a mix of industry keywords as well as highlight your company name. Industry keyword will ensure you get higher rankings and company name will ensure your website name can be easily remembered i.e. burfiwala.com 


Domains are the starting point for a website, yet many companies do not truly understand the way domain registration works. Hence they go for cheaper rates loose control of their domain name and subsequently pay dearly for acquiring the domain name back.

Our advice is to always look for built in facilities in the package i.e. Control of Registrant rights, Administrative rights, Billing rights and Technical rights. The mail ids for all these rights should be yours or of your company administrator. Domain control panel should include DNS records access and you should be able to change password of your domain at any point of time. Without these features in the basic domain package, your domain control is incomplete.