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Generic SEO

Search Engine Optimization

Your target audience, in any part of the world, should be able to reach you. Our web promotion strategy includes registration with all the popular search engines for maximum impact. We invest time and effort in promoting your website so that your generic rankings remain high and give you positive leads. 

In order to promote a website we follow certain ethical rules to ensure your website never goes into bad books of search engines. 

Following steps portray how we promote your website and your business:
Step 1 – Keyword Analysis
The keyword analysis and selection phase of our search engine positioning process identifies the proper keywords to target ensuring that the most qualified users will find the specific pages within your site that are relevant to their search query.
Step 2 – Competitive Analysis
This phase of the search engine optimization process will yield the foundational data necessary to achieve the competitive advantages needed to outperform your competitors on the search engines and gain valuable market share.
Step 3 – Content Enhancement
As the title implies, content enhancement involves the modification of Website content. During this phase of the process, GL Labs.will make recommendations to manipulate the current placement of existing content, add new content, or even remove existing content in certain circumstances.
Step 4 – Code Enhancement
Even if your site has been programmed in pure, easy to read HTML, you may not be presenting the spider with the appropriate information. Title, H1, and Meta tags are all important elements in effective code writing. Search engines rely on specific code to determine the content within a Web page.Database-driven Websites present yet another obstacle for search engine spiders. Without proper search engine optimization, much of your site may be unreadable to search engines. This can have a significant adverse impact on your sites ability to generate search engine traffic.
Step 5 – Link Enhancement
Relevancy based search engines use linking to determine the relative credibility of one site versus another with respect to subject matter. You may have heard the terms “Link Popularity” and “Page Rank” through search engine optimization research. These terms refer to the existence of external links from sites that link to yours. These links can have a substantial impact on your ability to achieve and maintain prominent positioning for the keywords you covet.
Step 6– Code Implementation
Once the content, code, and link enhancement processes have been completed, the next step in the search engine optimization process is implementation. GL Labs. offers varying levels of implementation to address the individual needs of our clients.
Step 7– Web Page and Directory Submission
Directory submission requires both effective copy writing and a comprehensive understanding of the search engines. GL Labs.ensures that your directory submissions are in compliance with the directory’s technical parameters and ensures that the client’s listings are as keyword rich and relevant as possible. Proper directory submission is critical for search engine success.